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About the Project

Olympic Village Novogorsk. Apartments

The Olympic Village Novogorsk. Apartments – a residential business-class complex differs from another with its special comfortable environment, that combines an architectural design, powerful sports and educational infrastructure and unique ecology.

The Olympic Village Novogorsk. Apartments is situated on the green peninsula, which from two sides - from the north and east - washed by the river, and on the west side of the complex is surrounded by a national park area of 248 hectares, famous for rare flora and fauna of the Moscow region.

This neighbourhood guarantees an exclusive ecological environment, and the proximity to Moscow provides a great transport accessibility. Along the river we constructed a fortified embankment with smooth descents to the water, original landscape design and walking paths made of natural materials.

Waterfront concept allows you to divide it into 3 parts: central part - designed for walking young mothers with baby carriages and elderly residents; for already more or less independent kids, we have designed a number of independent children's playgrounds. And adults - an outdoor pool with heated water. In addition, the residential complex The Olympic Village Novogorsk. Apartments has its own access to the golf course.

Houses of high-rise, 8-9 floors, with underground parking, elevator from which will go up directly on your floor.

All apartments are open-plan; large panoramic windows and complex angular glazing give a sense of spaciousness and ensures maximum insolation most of the daylight hours, regardless of the time of year.

We appreciate you for your interest in our company.
You can always contact us by phone 8 (495) 215-11-55, where an English-speaking operator will answer you, or email us at cc@himkigroup.ru.

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